Indoor Air Quality

What Causes Indoor Air Quality Problems?

The primary causes of indoor air quality problems in homes today are from gases and particles being released from various sources of air pollutants. Unfortunately, some of these risks are purely unavoidable, because to avoid them would change the way we choose to live our lives. While on the other hand, some risks we might avoid if we had the insight to avoid them.  Samples of these air pollutants might include but are not limited to; cleaning products, personal care products, tobacco products, building materials, pesticides and range to biological contaminants such as: bacteria, molds, mildew, viruses, animal dander and cat saliva, house dust mites, cockroaches, and pollen.

The relative importance of any single source depends on how much of a given pollutant it emits and how hazardous those emissions are. In some cases, factors such as how old the source is and whether it is properly maintained are significant.  Clearly, each and every one of us to some degree faces exposure to air pollutants as we go about our daily routines.

Scientific evidence over the past several years has indicated that the air in our homes can be more seriously polluted than the air outdoors. Below are several product models that can help alleviate and minimize your exposure to such pollutants. For more information on Indoor Air Quality, please visit

Whole-House Electric Air Cleaner
Improving the air in your home is easy with the Whole-House Electric Air Cleaner. Designed with three-stage filtration, it provides the most advanced filtration solution for removing pollutants, such as dust, smoke, mold spores and pet dander, and circulates cleaner air throughout your home. 

The Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner can make the air in your home cleaner and more comfortable. The Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner works by placing a charge on airborne particles, and then collecting them like a magnet. Maintenance is a breeze – simply wash the collection cells in your dishwasher or sink.

Whole House Media Air Cleaner

Improving the air in your home is easy with the Whole-House Media Air Cleaner.  Designed to fit the central heating system, the 4" deep-pleat, exact-fit filter maximizes filtration and reduces replacement changes.  Reduce major pollutants, such as dust and pollen, from the air passing through your heating and cooling systems with filter and traps. With 4” deep-pleat filters that perfectly fit the media cabinet, surface area is maximized allowing filters to last up to one year reducing replacement changes.

Germicidal Ultraviolet Lights 

Air conditioning coils are dark and damp, offering the perfect environment for the growth of harmful bacteria, fungi and molds. Unfortunately, establishing a comfortable temperature, can without knowing create unhealthy air.

The UV Light is a extraordinarily effective way of arresting this bacterial growth. The unit emits a germicidal ultraviolet frequency that penetrates the cell walls of detrimental microbes, permanently neutralizing any ill effects. The good news is that better health isn’t the sole benefit. When mold or similar microbes have been reduced, air conditioner efficiency often improves, saving the you operating costs.

Each UV Light features a 5 year warranty and is powered by a universal electronic power supply, making it compatible with 120-240 volt applications.

Whole- House Dehumidification System

Excessive humidity can make your home feel sticky or damp and potentially create an environment for mold, mildew, dust mites and bacteria. To remove excess moisture from the air in your home, the Whole- House Dehumidification System to works with your central air-conditioning system. In addition to providing efficient moisture removal, a the Whole-House Dehumidifier may also help you reduce your energy bill, because air with less moisture feels cooler – allowing you to set your thermostat at higher levels without a noticeable change in comfort. Stay cool and dry with a Whole-House Dehumidification System.