The agony of an unanticipated air conditioning and heating failure often comes at the peak of the cooling or heating season. To make matters worse, few homeowners have a “nest egg” set aside for a new air conditioning and heating system emergency. This unfortunately results in a financial crisis that leads the homeowner to assume that the “up front price” is more important than the “life-cycle cost.”

Unfortunately, during this process too many homeowners undervalue the importance and need for a professional licensed contractor and the real importance of a quality installation to ensure efficiency and reliability of their new air conditioning and heating system. We cannot change everyone’s perception and we know that there is a market for an under-qualified, unlicensed, uninsured, unscrupulous “contractor” that cut corners and offers prices and promises that are difficult for a professional licensed contractor to match.

Homeowners, be aware that 60% of the effectiveness and dependability of your new air conditioning and heating system unfortunately falls in the hands of the people who actually install it. Various studies by the air conditioning and heating industry suggest that up to 90% of air conditioning and heating systems are installed improperly. This has led uniformed homeowners to spend millions of dollars each year in the overpayment of utility bills and repair bills.

At Pace, we have established stringent installation procedures to ensure you that your new air conditioning and heating system operates efficiently and in the manner the manufacture designed it operate. Below are a few of the things we do to insure your comfort and our credibility:

• Applicable proof of insurance and license that ensure credibility
• Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment installed per manufacturer's specifications
• Customer service policies/procedures
• Documentation verifying installation excellence
• Environmentally hazardous materials handled according to federal guidelines
• Labor and Installation warranty Documentation
• Proper permits with city or county
• Quality assurance
• Air Conditioning & Heating equipment warranty Documentation

Federal Tax Credits Currently Not Renewed for 2012

Federal tax credits on qualifying, high-efficiency Air Conditioning & Heating equipment by the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Re-authorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 expired on December 31, 2011 and have not been renewed for 2012. Although a renewal of this program remains possible, legislation has not been passed and therefore, credits are not eligible for any residential energy products sold in 2012.

Note: State, Local and Utility rebates may still be available in your respective markets for residential energy products installed in 2012. Please visit the website listed below for a list of available energy efficiency tax credits in Texas.

    Texas Residential Incentives /Policies for Renewables and Efficiency